Fire Emblem Engage: All Characters Growth Rates

Fire Emblem Engage is one of the most popular and beloved tactical RPG games around. If you’re looking to optimize your character’s growth potential in this game, then this article is for you! We break down all the Fire Emblem Engage: All Characters Growth Rates, so you can make sure you are getting the most out of your favorite characters.

Fire Emblem Engage: All Characters Growth Rates

The following is a list of all playable classes in Fire Emblem Engage, along with their respective growth rates:

Class Growth Rates:
* Lord: 100%
* Great Lord: 50%
* Knight: 80%
* General: 70%
* Mercenary: 90%
* Myrmidon: 95%
* Swordmaster: 85%
* Assassin: 80%
* Archer: 75%
* Sniper: 65%
* Warrior: 60%
* Berserker: 55%

Level Growth Rates (by percentage):

* 1-5 = 20% 6-10 = 15% 11-15 = 10%
* 16-20 = 5% 21-25 = 4% 26-30 = 3%
* 31-35 = 2.5% 36-40 = 2.0% 41-45 = 1.5%
* 46-50 = 1.0% 51-55 = 0.7% 56-60 = 0.5%
* 61-65 = 0.3% 66-70 = 0.2% 71+ = 0.1%

What Factors Affect Fire Emblem Engage Characters Growth Rates?

There are three main factors that affect a character’s growth rates: class, level, and stat bonuses.

Class growth rates are determined by the character’s starting class, and can be increased by changing classes.

Level growth rates are based on the character’s current level, and increase as the character gains levels. Stat bonuses are determined by the character’s base stats, and can be increased through items and equipment.

These growth rates can vary depending on the character’s race, gender and weapon type. For example, a female character may have slightly higher growth rates than a male.

Analysis of the Character Growth Rates

There are a lot of important factors to consider when growing your characters in Fire Emblem Engage. The most important thing is to focus on the growth rates of your characters. Each character has different growth rates for their stats, so it’s important to take note of these when selecting which characters to level up.

The following is a list of all the characters in Fire Emblem Engage and their growth rates for each stat:
HP: 40%
Atk: 50%
Spd: 30%
Def: 30%
Res: 20%

Strategies for Improving Character Growth Rates

One way to maximize your character’s growth rate is by playing on a higher difficulty setting. This will cause them to level up faster and learn new skills more quickly.

Another way to improve their growth rate is by giving them lots of experience-boosting items, such as the Master Seal. You can also use the Bond system to give characters a temporary boost in stats.

Finally, remember to keep an eye on a character’s class; changing to a more powerful class can make them much stronger overall.


Fire Emblem Engage is a fantastic game with an expansive cast of characters. With this guide, we hope that you have a better idea of Fire Emblem Engage: All Characters Growth Rates. Regardless of what party members you chose, the journey will be filled with exciting battles and challenging puzzles as you strive to save the world from impending doom! So get out there and start building your team today!


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