7 Ways to Improve Speed Of Your Router in 2023

It is the year 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has flipped the world upside down, and the internet has never been more useful than it is now. With almost everything-office work, school and college lectures, interviews, or just mere entertainment-being done online now, not having a Wi-Fi connection seems illogical anymore. Something worse than that would be having a slow internet connection!

Is your current Wi-Fi router giving you troubles, not giving you the said internet speed or you want to improve your internet speed? Then, here are 7 ways to do that!

Ways to Increase Speed of Router in 2023

There are some ways to increase speed of router in 2023, you can check from below-

1. Find The Right Place To Set Up Your Router

As a wireless device, your router’s placement is a crucial step to gain strong Wi-Fi signals. Having any hindrance around it will disrupt your internet experience. The router should be placed in an area where there are no other electric appliances around it. Their electromagnetic radiations may disrupt the Wi-Fi signals, thus decreasing the internet speed.

Even having metallic objects around the router can disrupt its signals. So, find the right area with no metals or electric appliances and place the router on a higher level than the floor to get better results.

2. Using A Stronger Antenna

Generally, the routers come with small antennae, which might be weaker in some cases. A robust antenna is usually prominent in size, which might be a problem for some people. But, if you are not bothered by the antenna being a little bigger, then it’s better to invest in a more giant, more powerful antenna for your router, which will surely jump up your internet speed.

The general antennae provided are of a gain between 4-5 dBi. So buying an antenna having 9 dB should do the trick.

You can even buy them online via Amazon or any other online shopping site.

3. Keeping The Router Updated

Having a right and the latest firmware for your router is very crucial for its excellent performance. With the increasing hacking and other cyber threats, it’s always safer to have the newest version of a quality firmware installed for your router.

Updating firmware might be mainly focused on providing a secure connection, but it removes all the unnecessary malware that hinders your internet experience. An old firmware worsens the speed of your internet. So keep your firmware and router updated regularly from time to time.

4. Using A Wi-Fi Booster/Extender

Wi-Fi booster and extenders are devices that work in a way that it amplifies the current signals and rebroadcasts it as a new network with better signals. It does mainly increase the speed but instead improves the quality of signals where there is low connectivity, thus providing a strong internet connection, which improves your overall experience and speed.

These devices are ideal for areas with weak network access.

The installation is straightforward and is worth the money you pay for it. To increase the booster/extender efficiency, using a Wi-Fi booster app helps you analyze the best ways to obtain a 100% from your router setup.

5. Rebooting The Router

A reboot is a simple “turning your router off and on,” which betters the speed in a small way. A reboot helps the router reset by erasing its memory of unnecessary stuff and installing newer updates for a better outcome.

The newer version of routers generally come with auto-reboot schedules. But if yours doesn’t have one or you use a relatively older router, you can reboot it manually by pressing the power button off and on. Or you can even set up an automatic regular reboot schedule, which can happen overnight or any time you prefer.

6. Having An Encrypted Wi-Fi Connection

It is essential to have an encrypted, password-protected connection, not only for security reasons but also for warding off the Wi-Fi leeches to impress the quality of your internet. Make sure that you have changed your router’s default user ID and password. Do not include any personal details in your password, as it is easier to guess for the “Wi-Fi-mongers.”

7. Optimization Of Your Router Settings

It is an excellent decision to keep an eye on your router settings. Choosing to limit devices, prioritize internet functions according to your need, etc. helps the router work optimally. Changing your channel’s width or even changing your Wi-Fi channel boosts the speed of new wireless devices and the older ones. You can do so with some of the best Wi-Fi router login guides.

The higher the track’s width, there is more interference in the internet traffic, thus decreasing the channel width or doing something called ” Channel bonding” really works. Another option is to change your current Wi-Fi channel to s different one by using specific tools that tell you which channel within your router settings and environment best suits your optimal experience.