COVID-19: Must Have Software To Work From Home

COVID19 Must Have Software To Work From Home

Are you Working from home due to COVID-19??

We all are facing a coronavirus crisis. COVID-19 has forced all of us to stay safe and locked at home. Whether you are working in the corporate sector, tourism sector, medical or any other sector, get ready to work virtually at home. We all are young and educated people and We know social distancing and isolation is the only solution to stop the spread of Corona. 

Working from home is the way to continue with your professional life, this process is WFH. Work from home is not difficult if you have the right software, apps, equipment at home. Here I am listing the must have software and apps for smooth working from home.


  • Working From Home is easy if you have right things
  • If you have a good laptop, good internet and software that’s enough.
  • Remember, Social Distancing is the solution to fight with COVID-19.

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Must Have Software To Work From Home:

G Suite:


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In corporate culture emailing is the most important process to be followed by each employee. G Suite and Microsoft have their helping hand as free access during working from home in COVID-19. Users can use G Suite for texting, video or audio calling with your teammates while you are working from home.



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Slack is the most popular software for remote work. Use this software to make your task easy and done before the end date. Slack has many advanced features like reminder, channels, private group, sticky notes and many more. Multiple companies are using slack to manage and assign the task to someone. This software will make communication easy between teammates while working from home.



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This is very common software to use when you are working from home. Skype is the amazing software for scheduling video conferencing or meeting with your coworkers. In Day to Day life of corporate sector meetings are the essential part which you may miss during working from home in COVID-19. Skype, viber, Line etc other video calling software are available to provide free service to users.

All these software, good systems and good internet will help you in working from home during COVID-19. We have to fight against the coronavirus via staying at home and continuing with our day to day task. 

Hope you are enjoying work from home by reading this blog  😉

Keep Social Distancing and Stay Safe!!

If you would like to share your experience of working from home due to COVID-19, Please share in the comment below.

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