6 Social Media Facts That Will Surprise You

Social Media Facts That Will Surprise You

Social media has been around us for longer than we can even imagine. I’m sure you find it hard to believe when i say, “It all started in the late 1970s”. Back then, the most common thought sharing platform was a BBS (Bulletin Board System). The first BBS was called the Computerised Bulletin Board System (CBBS).

Just like any other field, social media kept making itself better day by day. It still amazes me when i think about the fact that sharing a video or an image was a big deal back then. In today’s modern social media platforms, sharing a video or a picture is just a click away especially since 4Hub has come into existence.

Humans are intelligent and love talking! We continuously look for an exciting platform where we can share, express, follow, or lead. As long as there are cell phones and any other electronic devices to which the internet can be connected, people can easily stay connected with each other through social media.

The new colossus like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are natural outcomes of centuries of social media development. At any given time, be it a pandemic or a calamity, social media has always got our back by helping us stay connected. In my opinion, social media itself is an astonishing invention

So, here we present six social media facts that can surprise you.

Surprising Social Media Facts:

1. An Average Internet User Has 7.6 Social Media Accounts

We all can agree on the fact that every social media platform thrives on getting better than its contenders. The primary goal of any social media platform is to provide its users with the best user experience. They keep getting better and better with the help of reviews and direct user inputs. Therefore, people opt for multiple social media platforms depending on their play store or app store reviews. Sometimes, the trend or popularity of a social media platform drives users towards it.

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Source: Buffer.com

2. 49 Percent Of Social Media Users Share Product Information On Their Profiles In The View Of Improving The Lives Of Others.

  Social media gave rise to a whole new mode of advertising, The Social Media Advertising. We all know how powerful “The word of mouth” is. Unsurprisingly, small and medium businesses believe the same too, but with a bit of modification, they believe the “mouth” here must be admired by people. Social media advertising was found to be very useful, keeping the cost and number of people it reaches in mind.

3. We Spend A Lifetime Average Of 5 Years And Three Months On Social Media

Social media is fun. They come up with attractive ideas and interfaces, which makes the users want to explore more. Eight out of every ten social media users believe that social media is the best way to kill boredom. The fact that an average person spends five years, which is in-fact a year more than the time you spend at a university, still gets me to date.

4. In Any Given Month, Total Active Users Who Visit Facebook At Least Once Is Approximately 1.4 Billion – Slightly Less Than The Population Of The Second-largest Country In The World, India

No doubt, Facebook was a revolution. It was first launched in the year 2004 at Harvard. Facebook not only focused on connecting people across the world but also focused on ideas that keep users hunting for more. Clubs, pages, relationship status, and whatnot, you name it, they have it. No wonder Facebook has 30 million users only from India. In my opinion, Facebook marked the beginning of modern social media and networking.

Social Media States
Source: Buffer.com

5. Two New Users Join LinkedIn Every Second.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. It is used by millions of every day who search for opportunities dealing with jobs and internships. In 2013, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said his company’s goal was to acquire 3 billion users, slightly less than half the world’s population. LinkedIn has around 400 million users currently. As this professional platform focuses on connecting skilled people with businesses, two new users join every second, looking out for opportunities.

6. It Hardly Took Two Months For Instagram To Reach Its First Million Users!

Instagram is a video and photo-sharing social platform. It got launched on October 6, 2010, and by December 21, 2010, Instagram started serving more than 1 million users. This is not an easy task. Twitter took two years to reach its first million users! Thanks to the interface Instagram provides its users. It is now acquired by the social media giant, Facebook. As of January 25, 2020, the total number of monthly active users on Instagram is more than a billion.

Wrapping Up:

These six facts, backed up by numbers, blew our minds off when we came across them. Social media is, no doubt, one of the greatest inventions of the modern era. Isn’t it amazing to listen and respond to someone’s activity, although you are separated by miles and seas?

That’s your fill of social media facts for now, with just a tiny fraction of the weird and beautiful stats available out there. We’ll get back to you with more exciting stuff. Stay tuned and stay healthy.

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