Behind the Scenes of Trending Instagram Story Prank

Today, I am going to show you the secret behind these viral stories.

You must have received the message from your friends where a random page have posted a story with your profile pic in that. And you’d have been surprised after watching that.

instagram comment scticker prank

Well, this is because of the new Instagram feature “Comment” sticker which is now available in some parts of southeast Asian country like Indonesia & Malaysia. So here is the answer of your question how Instagram comment sticker prank works?

But currently this new Instagram comment sticker is not available in India. But across the world, there is a similar sticker named ask me a question sticker which is available. So, I am gonna walk you through that and help you understand this phenomenon through that. So when you post a question your profile picture appears on the top of the dialog box and all your friends will see a dialog box with your profile picture on it. In short, everyone who visits the story sees the profile picture of the person who has posted the story on the ask me a question dialog box or sticker or whatever you call it.

ask me question instagram sticker

But in the Instagram comment sticker, it is just the opposite. Instead of the person who posted the story, you will see your profile image on the left side of the dialog box when you see the story because this is a comment box. And in general comment section in Instagram showing profile picture of those who is going to comment.

instagram comment scticker

Therefore, the admins have hide the comment sticker box except the profile picture area by moving it outside the frame, and used the white background to mix the comment sticker with the background, resulting in a story where everyone sees their replica and gets surprised.

how to do instagram comment scticker prank

Hope you will get that how Instagram comment sticker prank works. Still if you have any confusion please ask in the comment box section.

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